Quiet Party

What is Shhh Dating?

In a nutshell, Shhh Dating is another name for silent speed dating. According to the well respected urban dictionary, shhh dating involves "dating, usually at an arranged event or club, through passing notes and gesturing." The site also states that "soothing music or soothing whitenoise, such as sounds of waterfalls, is usually put on to create a tension free atmosphere." At first you may think it is a crazy idea, but it's worth considering if you like people watching, and you appreciate the benefits of body language and the idea of communicating on a deeper level rather than with just idle chit chat, this could be for you. It is certainly different! As an aside it is also known as shhhdating, eye gazing parties, silent parties and quiet parties. Credit must go to New Yorkers Paul Rebhan and Tony Noe who developed the idea of silent speed dating, as, in their own words, they wanted to break out of stale dating patterns and being in loud environments where they couldn't hear each other. They knew that chemistry between people is the most important aspect in making a relationship work succesfully, and that sometimes, talking for talking's sake simply doesn't cut it.